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"Allow me to introduce myself or introduce the person I once was and you may be too. Are you scared, nervous, anxious, terrified to go outside and leave the comfort of your safe zone so much you can't even leave your bed, afraid of life and what your future holds, holding onto many negative experiences from your past that you can't shake, nightmares that come with extreme panic attacks in the middle of the night, hopeless, helpless, useless, feel like you're going out of your mind, afraid of diseases you don't have after visiting your doctor (going through many tests to find out nothing is wrong) and even worse emergency rooms for no rhyme or reason, feeling ill or like you have some awful disease that 'they must have missed'? I could go on and on.

Welcome to my world or shall I say what my world once was. For well over 12 years I was a complete wreck. I was diagnosed with agoraphobia with panic disorder, anxiety, depression, PTSD, hypochondrias, somatic disorder and a while lot of boarder line mental ailments brought on by stress and life. I was the epitome of a physically healthy person that just couldn't grasp the real from unreal terror that I was putting myself through. My family, children, friends and I suffered for many years. I lost many jobs due to always thinking I was having a heart attack just to find out it was 'only anxiety'. I got so tired of hearing countless times to 'just get over it'. For many years I didn't believe it and for many years my world got smaller and smaller. I lost my marriage, my house and more importantly I lost myself.

Does any of the about sound remotely familiar? Even if you only feel parts of what I have been through you know what I mean. The countless nights of tears and sadness controlled my life. I am here to tell you most assuredly there is help, there is hope and there is a light at the seeminly endless tunnel of hell. This light comes in the form of a man by the name of Jeffrey Rosen. My then tears of sadness, doom, gloom, and helplessness are now tears of joy and happiness that I can leave the old behind and live for the now. There is a bright future with love and joy and I can capture this, harness it and share it with the people I com in contact with. Most importanly I can share it with myself.

No one is perfect, we aren't meant to be. We are here to be happy and enjoy every lasting second of what many of us see as a non-existent life. Is every day perfect? No, but I can accept that now because I also know that everyday doesn't have to be a bad one eitehr. For this I can never thank Mr. Rosen enough. From the moment I met him he assured my life would never be the same again and it hasn't been. Through his hypnotic session, guidance, understanding, empathy, compassion for what he does and the stick-to-itiveness of his words I am a new man. My tears of happiness and belief in myself would never be there if it weren't for the little seed that was planted during the truly unforgettable simple, relaxing and uplifting hypnosis sessions."

Forever grateful, B.F. Hanson, MA